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Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Hi guys!

How have you been? I’ve been well myself. apologies for the lack of posts on here, May is always a busy month for me! I have still been active on my Instagram, posting some tutorials for a few designs! But now I’m back with this fun and simple design!

Continue reading to see how I made this design!

For this design, I used the Born Pretty stamping plate BP-L050 and the following polish:

Teal holo: KBShimmer “Don’t Fear the Reefer”

Silver: Color Club “On the Rocks”

and of course my current quick dry top coat, Marvel TopCoat from SuperChic Lacquer!

How to:

I started with 2 layers of Don’t Fear the Reefer followed by a layer of quick dry top coat. This polish is very opaque with one coat, you could get away with only using one. I personally always add at least two coats mainly for thickness. A little thicker polish gives your nails some extra strength.

Next, I took On the Rocks and painted over the stampIn g plate. Using a card, I swiped away the excess polish and immediately picked it up with the stamper. I quickly placed the stamper where I wanted the design to be and pressed hard making sure to rotate my nail to get it on every piece.

Speed is the most important thing when stamping! You have to swipe the excess, pick up the polish and place it on the nail all before the polish drys. And since the polish is so thin, it will dry very quickly!

Once the polish was dry, I applied a final layer of quick dry top coat!

Make sure to check out all of my post on my Instagram! And let me know what you think!

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