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Neon Gradient!

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

I love this new trend that you see so many amazing nail techs to! The nude to neon gradient. It just looks so amazing and you get a familiar feel to a neon French tip with a new edge on it! I’ve only seen this design done with acrylic so i had to try out myself with polish! I knew going in that these colors would be harder to blend so it was challenging to get a smooth gradient. It was still a little grainy in the end but that just means I get to repeat this design to try and prefect it!

Continue reading to see how I made this design!

For this design I used a latex free makeup sponge, gel top coat, silver rhinestones and the following polish:

Teal: Color Club “Montego BAE”

Nude: Color Club ”DM Nudes”

And of course, my current quick dry top coat Marvel Top Coat from SuperChic Lacquer.

How to:

For this design I started with a layer of “DM Nudes“ followed by a layer of quick dry top coat.

Once that layer is dry, the nail was ready for the gradient! I took the makeup sponge and painted half with “DM Nudes” and the other with “Montego BAE” making sure they over lap in the middle. This overlap of the polishes will help them blend together. Next, I lightly dabbed the polish on the nail. Remember, many thin coats are better for gradients than a few thick coats! The polishes will blend better with thin coats.

I continued this step for 2 more layers totaling 3 on each nail and topped it off with a layer of quick dry top coat. Because I was planning on using a gel top coat to attach to rhinestones, I allowed the nail to dry for 3 hours to ensure every layer was dry.

Once dry, I applied a layer of gel top coat and aligned the rhinestones on the nail. Making all of them stay straight was harder than it looks! Once the rhinestones were in the place I wanted them to be, I cured the nails for 30 seconds using an LED gel lamp. Once that finished, I applied a final layer of gel top coat and cured.

Let me know what what you think!

Also, did anyone notice my new logo in the corner of the picture?!

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