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Maroon Marble

Hi Hello Everyone! ITs been a while since I posted a blog post. I have gone through a few life events since posting! February I got married to my longtime boyfriend on our 9 year anniversary. Before that, I was in my busy season at work. I think I have mentioned to you guys before, during the day I am a mutual fund tax accountant. So a lot has been going on and I had little time for nails. I've been slowly working my way back into the swing of things while also taking a second to relax.

Now for my first post back, I have a super quick and fun marble mani! Marble is super trendy right now and always looks good. The trick is in the smooshing.. I'll get to that more in a second.

I also am super excited to announce that I am now a brand ambassador for Rossi Nails! I will be posting my review on the glam kit they sent me. But for now, here is some one of the gel polishes I ordered from them.

For this design, I used a small nail art brush, a medium nail art brush, craft rose gold leaf, rubbing alcohol and the following polish

And the base and top coat essentials from Rossi Nails.

How To:

I started with the basics when doing a gel mani; base coat, two layers of color and top coat. For the Marble nail I held off on the top coat to work on the design. Using the small nail art brush and fearless, I made thin brush strokes in a general marble shape. I took the medium nail art brush and some isopropyl alcohol and gently dabbed over the strokes that I made. I blended the strokes to soften the lines to fade similar to a real slab of marble. After the gel was blended, I cured it for 30 seconds. It's important to not sure after painting the brush strokes because it allows you to mix the polish to however you want it to look. the

Next, I repeated the same step but with White on White. I Overlapped the White over the Maroon to give it a more cloudy look.

Next, I applied one layer of gel top coat., making sure it was NOT a no-wipe top coat. You want the sticky layer that a general gel top coat will leave to apply the rose gold leaf. I broke off little pieces of the gold leaf and layer it on the nail with an orange stick, Using the angled side of the orange stick, I pressed the gold leaf down to lay flat. Once it was how I liked, I applied another layer of gel top coat, making sure to gently apply. The gold leaf is not in place yet and will move with the brush if you press too hard. I cured for 30 seconds and its done!

It you liked this tutorial, please share or like my post in my instagram page! let me know what you think!


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