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June Monthly Mani Kit from Scratch

I am so excited to share with all of you My first time using nail wraps! And not just any nail wraps, the custom designed nail wraps from @goscratchit by @ninanailedit! I am going to share with all of you my experience using them for the first time to hopefully give you some pointers and let you know my opinion on thing. For this tutorial I have a video for you!

For this deign I used a dotting tool, June MMK and Color Club Under the Blacklight.

some of the main things I wanted to point out from this tutorial

  1. Like anything else, there is definitely a learning process with nail wraps. I pointed out in the video that in the process of laying the wrap down and trying to smooth it out, it formed a bubble. My nails are very narrow and pretty curved so that could play a factor but I'm sure than more practice with the wraps would help me learn to lay it down a little more evenly.

  2. Since my nails are very narrow, The kit doesn't come with enough of the small sizes to fit all of my nails. I have to cut down some of the larger ones to fit. This isn't an issue but it does make for more room for error on my part. I didn't have to for this mani since I only did two nails with the wraps but if I used a wrap for every nail I would for sure have some trimming to do

  3. acetone works really well on the nail wraps, almost exactly like nail polish. it makes it really easy to clean up the edges and make the wrap form to the nail.

  4. one of the important things about using nail wraps is that you really have to follow the directions given. in my case, I had to make sure that the polish underneath was completely dry. Also an important thing to make sure is to not use a quick dry top coat. I used a gel top coat here to make the mani last longer.

Overall, I really like these. they are ultimately easy to use and always come in the cutest designs. The monthly kit is only $10 a month and always come with something extra. May came with some moon and star charms, June came with the clean up brush I used in the video, and I cannot wait to see what July comes with! For the time being, I will continue with this subscription!

t you liked this tutorial, please share or like my post in my instagram page! let me know what you think!


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