Color Club Halo Jewels Collection

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Hello everyone! its been a little bit since I've posted on here but I am back with some amazing swatches for you.

the people over at color club were nice enough reach out to me to be part of their influencer program! They send me the newest collections before launch. You can, also, use my code NAILSBYKERSTIN20 on your color club purchases for 20% off (I do get a small commission on every purchase in the form of gift card) . Today I am going to be showing you the Halo Jewels collection coming out October 15th!

The halo Jewels collection consists of six linear holographic polishes and is the newest addition to the beloved Halo Hues. All swatches were two coats followed by a top coat. I will also have video swatches up on my Instagram!

First up, we have What A Gem which is a vibrant royal blue holo. The blue is very pigmented so in order to get the holo flare, direct light is needed (i.e. direct sunlight or camera flash)

Next, is Under Pressure which is a deep true purple holo. Similar to What A Gem, the polish is very pigmented and would need direct light.

Next is That's Rich, a vibrant hot pink holo. This polish gives me Paris Hilton vibes, which might have a little to do with the name. Similar to the first two, it is very rich, very pigmented

Next is unbreakable, and I'm not sure how to describe this color. Its kind of mauve, kind of grey-ish and in some light it has hint of gold/green. Since this is a lighter color, you can see the holo flare a bit easier in lower light.

Next up is Diamond in the Rough, which is a olive green holo with hints of yellow depending on the angle of the light..

And lastly, we have Rock On, which is a deep hunter green in the light. The polish actually looks dark grey in the bottle and in indirect light. Similar to the other dark holo's in this collection, it is very pigmented and would need direct light to see the full color.

Overall, I'm very happy with this collection. The formula is the same as the older Halo Hues. One difference with the collection, is the bottles now say "holographic" along the bottle lid rather than the whole lid. These seems to be something that Color Club has changed across all their holo polishes, because if you were to order the older colors now, it would have this new top. Second difference is not specific to the holographic polishes, but it looks like starting with the new fall collection Social Status, the brushes are the flatter wider brushes.

Let me know what you think of the collection!

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