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Beauty Big Bangs Review!

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Hi everyone! I got the opportunity to review a few products from Beauty Big Bang thanks to their lovely PR team reaching out to me!

The items I got to review are a black stamping polish, a green stamping polish, and universe themed stamping plate! (ps check them out at by clicking the links for each) Here is a quick video showing each product. The reason I chose each the black polish was because I really wanted to see how opaque it was. AS wee all know black polish can be very sheer sometimes. I thought it was important to test it out and see if they made a good quality black. My reason for the green polish was similar because usually light colored polishes (yellow, green, orange) that are sheer when stamping. I really wanted to test their stamping to see how it compares to others.

First I started with seeing how each polish painted. I think this is a good frame of reference to see how the polish will stamp beforehand. To start, the black polish is very opaque. I was able to do a very thin layer of polish and have minimal light shine through. Tis would probably be an ideal black polish!

Next, the green polish. I love the color. it is like a less neon lime green. I was really excited when I recieved it because i started thinking of all the trees, leaves, and grass scenery I could use it for. When apply a base layer, it was not as opaque as I hoped. It needed a thicker layer of polish to make the color smooth. This leads me to think that the stamping will not be ideal but we will see how it goes.

Now for the stamping! Here is the finished product

So a few things I wanted point out before going into more detail with my review.

Number 1: Like I said before, light colors are rarely opaque even with stamping polish. I wanted to test this with the green polish over black.

Number 2: As a general statement, thin lines on stamping plates are very difficult to look good. Some plates do not pick up the whole line. a lot of time the polish skips. It very easy to mess up. So I specifically chose two of the designs that had thin lines to see how they would be.

Number 3: Stamping designs can very depending on how you pick up the polish on the stamper and how you press it onto the nail. Depending on that, you can almost warp the image so the lines are not straight. It take more practice to get the image perfect on the nail. given that, I was not taking the warped image into account when giving my opinion because getting the right pick up and place down angles is something i and still working on.

For the black polish, I absolutely love how it reacted. I did not have to try very hard to get the stamp to cooperate. It was smooth, easy to apply and very opaque. You can see the thin lines came out exactly how it is on the stamping plate. Overall I highly recommend the black stamping polish for all purposes. It works well for stamping, freehand nail art and even just base colors.

For the green polish, after the base layer I was pleasantly surprised at how well the colors appeared on the black. I was expecting it to be a little sheer but as you can tell it is full color. A common problem with some other brands stamping polish it getting the lighter colors to look as bright and vibrant as It looks in the bottle. I think this polish formula does a good job at appearing the same colors you expect it to be. Overall, I recommend.

For the plate, I love the design options on this plate specifically. I love these star and moons. I just love the option this one plate gives you. One of the things I really like about Beauty Big Bang is that they have so many stamping options that are very inexpensive. They even offer $1 plates!

Based on their products, I am excited to see different options they come out with. I cannot wait to try out a few more products! If you wanted to try out their products, make sure to use code KERSTIN10 for 10% off your order at Beauty Big Bang!


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