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Brush stroke

Hi everyone! Today I’m bringing to you a design that has been floating around Instagram for a little now. The abstract brush stoke design is very common recently so I had to do my own take on it!

Some simple brush strokes, a few dots and rose gold leaf! I am absolutely loving how this turned out.

Continue reading to find out how I made this design!

For this design I used a dotting tool, rose gold leaf, and the following polish

Blue: Color Club “Get Lost”

White: Sinful Colors ”White On Time”

Black: Sinful Colors “Black On Black”

And my current favorite quick dry top coat Marvel Top Coat by SuperChic Lacquer.

How to:

First, I started with two layers of “White On Time” and allow them to mostly dry. With “Get Lost,” I took most of the polish off the brush so it looked as if it was dry. Next, I lightly painted strokes in different directions to give it a cloudy effect. I topped it off with a layer of quick dry top coat.

Next,I took my rose gold leaf and tore off small pieces. I crumble it up and stuck it on the nail with a tiny bit of top coat.

Next, I took the dotting tool and “Black On Black” and made different size dots in the overlapping blue/white areas.

I allowed the black dots to almost fully dry before applying top coat so they did not smear. Finally one last layer of quick dry top coat to top it off!

Tell me what you think!

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