Abstract Clouds

Hey everyone! It’s been a bit since I’ve posted on here but I’m back and ready to get rolling with all my nail art posts!

For my first post back I did the design bellow. I started out with the intent of just being an abstract design but my color choice makes this almost look like clouds!

Continue reading to see how I made this design!

For this design, I used a small stamper, Born Pretty mirror powder, Twinkled T Glamour Mat, silver leaf, and the following polish:

White: Sinful Colors “White On Time”

Light blue: Essie “Find Me An Oasis”

And my current favorite quick dry top coat from SuperChic Lacquer, Marvel Top Coat.

How to:

This design has many layers which give it depth. For the first layer, I put a few small dots of “White On Time” and “Find Me An Oasis” (2 or 3 each) onto the stamper and smooshed it on to my Glamor Mat. This technique removes some of the polish while creating unique shapes for each dot. I stamped that onto my nail and applied a layer of top coat.

When the top coat was mostly dry, I took the Born Pretty mirror powder and lightly dabbed it over my nails with my finger. Powders are meant to use with a gel polish if you want to get the intended effect. You can also use them as a topper on lacquers if you want it have a more grainy effect. After I applied another layer of top coat.

I repeated the smoosh step and moved on to the silver leaf. I bought the craft leaf that you can use for many different purposes. Since they come in 4x4 inch sheets I need to break off the tiny pieces I need. I tried to crumple them up a little bit to give the design more texture.

Finally, I applied 2 layers of quick dry top coat allowing them to dry in between layers. This is to do 2 things:

  1. Prevent any water from getting underneath the layers. If water getter underneath, the leaf will oxidize and start to turn green.

  2. Smooth out the design. The leaf makes it very rigid in those areas. This could be a personal preference, but I prefer when a design is nice and smooth!

Tell me what you think!

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