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Valentine’s Day

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day everyone! I have never really celebrated past what they had you do in elementary school, but I thought a simple nail art design is celebration enough! And I had the perfect polish for it too! When I got this NCLA polish I knew instantly it was a Valentine’s Day post kind of polish! Continue reading to see how I made this design! 

For this design I used, a latex free makeup sponge, a tooth pick, simply peel liquid latex and the following polish 

Black: Sinful Colors “Black On Black”

Maroon: Mica “Black Cherry”

Hearts: NCLA “Heart Attack”

And of course my favorite quick dry top coat, SuperChic Lacquer Marvel Quick Dry Top Coat. How to: I started with a thin layer of Mica “Black Cherry” and allowed it to mostly dry. While the polish was drying I put the simply peel liquid latex around my cuticles to prevent messes and make for an easy clean up. Next, I took the makeup sponge and painted half Mica “Black Cherry” and half Sinful Colors “Black On Black” allowing the colors to overlap a bit in the middle to create a nice blended gradient. I dabbed lightly on the nail making thin coats. Remember a lot of thin coats blend better than a few thick coats! I repeated this step until the gradient was how I liked it and topped it with a layer of quick dry top coat. Next, I took the NCLA “Heart Attack” and made sure to get a lot of the hearts on the brush. With the toothpick, I pulled out the hearts and places them on the nail. The hearts stick to the nail because of the clear polish that they are sitting in, but if they aren’t sticking for you, try this. Take the brush and make sure there are little to no hearts on it and paint a layer of the clear coat. After that, you can start sticking the hearts to the clear coat. Lastly, when I had as many hearts as I liked, I applied a final layer of quick dry top coat to seal everything in.  

Tell me what you think!

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