Snow White's Apple

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

If you couldn't tell, these nails are inspired by the poison apple in Snow White! It is such an amazing halloween themed nail art and I've seen so many people do it. I had to do my own take on it. I chose slightly different colors to give my own take on it.

Continue reading to learn how I made this design!

For this design, I used a small nail art brush, a wooden cuticle pusher, a makeup sponge and the following nail polish

Red: OPI "5 Apples Tall"

Black: Sinful Colors "Black on Black"

Teal: Color Club "Age of Aquarius"

And of course my current favorite quick dry top coat “Marvel Liquid Macro Top Coat" by SuperChic Lacquer.

How To:

I first started with a layer of OPI "5 Apples Tall" and allowed it to dry. Next, I took the makeup sponge and painted OPI "5 Apples Tall" and Sinful Colors "Black on Black" on the thin side of the sponge. I lightly dabbed on the nail and repeated this one more time. I applied a layer of quick dry top coat to seal that in.

For the face nail, I used the small nail art brush and Color Club "Age of Aquarius." I tried to make holes for the eyes and nose but it did not go as planned so I covered them up. I then used the pointed side of the cuticle pusher and Sinful Colors "Black on Black" to make the nose holes. Then, I used the nail art brush to make the eye holes.

Finally, I topped everything off with one last layer of quick dry top coat.

You can also watch the tutorial for this design at my Youtube channel or my Instagram

Tell me what you think!

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