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Dont be a witch

Channeling my inner feelings for Halloweentown to bring something witchy to this nail art! I absolutely love the detail you can get with stampers. They make it so easy to have amazing designs on your nails that you may not be a pro at.

Continue reading to see how I made this design!

For this design, I used a latex free makeup sponge, a small nail art brush, a stamper, ejiubas Halloween stamping plate and the following polish:

Purple: China Glaze “Plur-ple”

Black: Sinful Colors “Black On Black”

White: Sally Hansen “White On Time”

Silver: OPI “Haven't the Foggiest”

And of course my current favorite quick dry top coat “Marvel Liquid Macro Top Coat" by SuperChic Lacquer.

How to:

First, I started with a layer of China Glaze “Plur-ple.” I took the makeup sponge and put drops of both “Plur-ple” and Sinful Colors “Black On Black” around filling up the sponge. I lightly dabbed the sponge on the nail. Remember, a number of thin layer gets you to the best blend and application when using a sponge! I topped each nail off with a layer of quick dry top coat.

Next, I used the small nail art brush the paint the moon on my accent nail. For the witch, put a little bit of polish on the image I wanted to stamp. Taking a stamping card (this came with my stamper but you can use an old gift card or something like that as well), I needed to swipe away some of the excess polish. To get best results, swipe at approximately a 45 degree angle. Quickly pick up with the stamper by pressing it on the plate where the polish is. If you pick up and other designs that are near you can remove it from the stamper by just taking a price of tape and carefully sticking it to the part you don’t want.

Making sure your nail polish base is dry enough, I pressed the stamper onto the side of the moon to appear as if she is flying in front of it. Finally, I applied a layer of quick dry top coat to seal it in.

Tell me what you think!

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