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Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Trying to bring spring time to the end of summer! Even though in Arizona, spring and summer have almost the same weather, spring is in fact a little cooler.

I have always loved the simple flower nails because they are easy and still give you the detail and something extra that I am always wanting for my nails. Continue reading to see how I made this design!

For this design, I used a small nail art brush and the following polish

Purple: Sally Hansen “Lacey Lilac”

Yellow: Sally Hansen “Mellow Yellow”

Bronze: Color Club “Nouveau Vintage”

And of course my current favorite quick dry top coat “Marvel Liquid Macro Top Coat" by SuperChic Lacquer.

How to:

I started with two layers of Sally Hansen “Lacey Lilac” followed by a layer of quick dry top coat.

Next, I took the nail art brush and painted the petals. It was important to make sure the curve of the flower is still shown. This can be difficult when you are only doing a quarter of the flower. If you need an easier way to do it, start by painting the middle circle and work by our petals based off of that. Since this Sally Hanse “Mellow Yellow” is fairly see through, I had to put 3 layers in order to get full opacity. Next, using the same nail art brush and Color Club “Nouveau Vintage,” I made the center part.

Finally, I topped it off with a layer of quick dry top coat.

Tell me what you think!

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