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Color Block

Pink neon and matte? Yes please! Its such a simple design and yet so pleasing. It kind of reminds me of the 80's Barbie with the colors. But I love they way that they work together, the undertones of each color match to make this design work so well together.

Continue reading to find out how I made this design.

For this design I used the following polish:

Pink: China Glaze "Dance Baby"

Hot Pink: China Glaze "Glow With the Flow"

Light Purple: Sally Hansen "Lacey Lilac"

And of course my current favorite matte top coat Essie "Matte About You".

How to:

I wanted this design to be a simple no tools design that can be done whenever you are in a hurry and want more than single color nails.I started with a simple base color using China Glaze "Dance Baby." after two coats of that and time to dry, it was time for the next colors.

For this design, I thought it would look better if the colors met at the tip instead of overlapping each other. This is more difficult to do without using striping tape or a detail brush. I did the first section using China Glaze "Glow With the Flow." Next, I had to make sure to come next to it but not overlap with Sally Hansen "Lacey Lilac." I brought it as close as I could, using little polish and the side edge of the brush to make the smooth lines.

Since I did not use a quick dry top coat, I allowed 10-15 minutes for the polish to dry before applying Essie "Matte About You."

Tell me what you think!

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