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Cactus Heart

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

They always say practice makes perfect! Thats what I am doing with my freehand nail art. This design is supposed to be cactus hearts. I personally think that this is some of my better freehand but there is always room for improvement! When doing freehand on nails, the brush you use is very important because you are working with SUCH a small area.

For this design, I used a small nail art brush, black acrylic paint and the following polish:

Pink: Sally Hansen "Buff and Tumble"

Dark Green: China Glaze "Budding Romance"

Light Green: Color Club "Prickly Pear"

And of course my current favorite quick dry top coat “Marvel Liquid Macro Top Coat" by SuperChic Lacquer.

How To:

I first applied two layers of Sally Hansen "Buff and Tumble" to get to full opacity. This polish can probably get away with one coat but I decided to do two because it is a thinner polish.

Next, for the cactus hearts, I first drew the heart shape using China Glaze "Budding Romance" using the nail art brush. I allowed the hearts to mostly dry (this did not take long because they are so small). I next took Color Club "Prickly Pear" and lightly went over the hearts I already drew. I used very little polish on the nail art brush so that it could give a little bit of detail.

Next I applied a layer of quick dry top coat because I did the black detail using acrylic paint. When you use acrylic paint, you can scrape off some of the paint using a toothpick in case you made a mistake. It is important to paint thin layers because they are easier for scraping off and acrylic paint leaves ridges even after a top coat. The top coat formula is not meant to smooth out acrylic paint, therefore it will just cover it.

Once I finished painting my outline and thorns, I applied two layers of top coat. Make sure that the layer is dry before applying the second one or it will drag the first layer and not dry straight.

Let me know what you think!

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