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Updated: Aug 6, 2019

I love this super fun mermaid design! A little mermaid accent and glitter accent make the simple white nails so much more fun. I made this design using some nail vinyls and absolutely love them. Nail vinyls are one of the easiest ways to get detailed designs on your nails without needing any skill.

Continue reading to see how I made this design.

For this design, I used WhatsUpNails Mermaid vinyls, a latex free makeup sponge, and the following polish:

Iridescent Glitter: OPI “Make Light of the Situation”

Silver: OPI “Haven’t the Foggiest”

White: Sally Hansen “White On”

And of course my current favorite quick dry top coat “Marvel Liquid Macro Top Coat" by SuperChic Lacquer.

How to:

Nail vinyls are on of my favorite things. They make nail art come so easily because they are basically a stencil for your nails. With many different designs, you can achieve most styles of nails. Before, you have to start with a base color. I painted OPI “Haven’t the Foggiest” followed by a layer of quick dry top coat. This last step is very important because the nail vinyls will not stick to the top coat when dry. The different chemicals ensure that it won’t stick. When not using a top coat prior to the nail vinyls, your nail polish will peel up when attempting to remove it. Allow a few minutes for the top coat to dry before adding the vinyl.

Once you apply it, make sure that all the edges are properly on the nail remembering to take your curve into account. If your nails are more curved, you make need to clip a few edges. This would allow all the edges to be on the nail preventing you polish from going outside the design. I painted Sally Hansen “White On” onto the nail. Before the polish can dry, I quickly removed the nail vinyl. This is a very important step to get clean crisp lines. If you allow the polish on top to dry, it will peel up.

For the glitter accent nail, I used the latex free makeup sponge and OPI “Make Light of the Situation” to dab the glitter on. Using the sponge will result in a more solid glitter look. The sponge absorbs some of the excess jelly polish and only transferring glitter onto the nail.

Finally, I added a layer of quick dry top coat to all nails to seal in the design.

Tell me what you think!

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