Matte Night

No tools art designs are some of favorite. Most people have nail polish but do not necessarily have all the tool that we use in simple design. 

I love the contrast of the dark blue glitter on the subtle denim blue. They compliment each other very well. And the matte top coat gives it a different affect.  I love the matte top coat on the glitter polish as well. 

Here's how I made this design.

For this design I used the following polish:

Denim blue: Urban Outfitters "Jane"

Dark blue glitter: Essie "Starry Starry Night"

Matte top coat: Essie "Matte About You"

How to:

I did this design to show how you can still do nail art with no tools. First, I painted two layers of Urban Outfitters "Jane".

Next, I took Essie "Starry Starry Night" and tried to paint in as straight of lines that I could make. The trick is to get very little polish on the brush. Using the side of the nail polish brush, I made the triangle on each nail. I then filled it in with a little more polish to make it opaque. 

Finally, I added a layer of Essie "Matte About You" to top it off.

Tell me what you think!

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