Drip Drip

I always am looking to try out new techniques and ways to challenge myself. I've had my eye on this technique for a while, ever since they first nail art mats come out. When I finally got one for myself, I could not wait to try this out.

I love the effect that this design has. It is different on every nail but everything flows with each other.

I see this design as a special occasion nail art. I would personal wear it for when I'm trying to be flashy but classy.

For this design, I used my Twinkled T Glamour Mat, a wooden cuticle pusher, acetone, and the following polish:

White-ish Blue: China Glaze "New Birth"

Light Blue: Color Club "Route 66"

Blue Holo: Color Club "Over the Moon"

Dark Blue: Essie "Starry Starry Night"

And of course my current favorite quick dry top coat "Marvel Liquid Macro Top Coat" by SuperChic Lacquer.

How To:

First, I painted a very thin base layer using China Glaze "New Birth."

Next, using the Glamour Mat, I poured the polish on and followed with the next color making them overlap in parts. I poured enough polish to make decals for all my nails. While all the polish was still wet, I tilted the mat so the it would create the dripping look. I tilted it in different directions to give different effects for each nail.

Next, I allowed it to dry. Since this consists of a lot of polish, four different colors and enough for ten nails, the decals need a while to dry. I let it sit for approximately an hour and I could feel that parts of it were still kind of wet. When making decals, you want to make sure that they are still flexible. If you allow them to dry too long, the polish will harden and not form on to your nail.

After allowing the decals to dry, I used the wooden cuticle push to peel them up and cut them to fit on to my nail. I applied a layer of China Glaze "New Birth" in order to get the decals to stick. I used the cuticle pusher to form the decal to the nail. I made sure to lightly push the decal down, making sure it would adhere to the curve of my nail while not scraping the polish. Using some acetone, I essentially melted the edges of the decal close the the cuticle and tip to give the final stick to the nail.

Finally, I applied a layer of quick dry top coat to seal the polish in.

Tell me what you think!

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