Baby Blue Geometric

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

I have always loved geometric designs. I feel as if they are simple yet complex. They can be super active and give you a little pop where you need it.

This design, with using so much striping tape felt like a coloring book. I picked whatever color I wanted and made sure to stay in the lines. I have done this design before but I will every so often recreate it with different colors to see how it looks.

For this design, I used striping tape, a small nail art brush and the following polish:

Pale blue:Color Club “Meet Me at the Rink”

Bright mint: Salon Perect “Icy Haute”

Pale mint: Revlon “Socialite”

White: Sally Hansen “White On”(not pictured)

And of course my current favorite quick dry top coat by Seche Vite.

How To:

To start, I painted a base layer of Sally Hansen “White On” followed by a layer of quick dry top coat. You always want to add a layer of top coat when using striping tape or nail vinyls because the chemicals that make it up are different than that of your polish. The different chemicals cause the tape/vinyls to not adhere to the top coat as much as it would the polish. If you put tape/vinyls over polish, the bond between the two will be so strong that your polish will rip off of you nail.

When adding the striping tape, I put the peice down the center followed by the crisscrossing pieces. Once all the tape is on, you want to make sure that all the the edges are down. This can be difficult if you have very curved nails like I do. They may not stay down but just make sure to push them down before you add polish.

For each color, I used the small nail art brush to fill in the triangles. I made sure to alternate to colors but not uniformly and clean the brush between each color. Before the polish has time to dry, I quickly removed it to create clean lines in between.

Now I’m not sure you you guys can see it but I know I can. I used a cheap gold striping tape so there was a little bit of color transfer onto my nails. I usually try to use a white or clear tape but I ran out and had to make due. A little acetone pick up some of it but I had to be careful not to remove the white polish.

Finally I added a layer of quick dry top coat to finish it off

Tell me what you think!

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