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Look guys! I was finally able to water marble! Well kinda. I cheated and did a drag marble instead because it what was easier than dipping my finger in water. This look has been a popular design in recent years but it has always been so difficult for me to do. So when I finally got the Glamour Mat, I could achieve this design without having to worry about water and getting the perfect polish.

For this design I used a Twinkle T Glamour Mat, a small nail art brush, and orangestick/wooden cuticle pusher, and the following polish

Green Holo: Color Club “Kismet”

Light green: OPI “Sage-less Beauty”

Mint green: Color Club “Age of Aquarius”

And of course my current favorite top coat by Sech Vite.

First, I painted the nails with the base colors of the respective nails. While those dried, I made the decal for my accent nail. I took my Twinkled T Glamour Mat and painted a thick layer of OPI “Sage-less Beauty” big enough to cover the nail completely. While that was still wet I made a half circle around the corner and continue makeing them until you reach the other end of the decal. While both layers are still wet, I took the small nail art brush and dragged the polish from the edges all the meet in one corner. Let the decal dry for a little bit. Once it’s kinda dry, peel up the decal and place over a freshly polished nail so it will stick. Using acetone, I cleaned up the edges to stick around the nail. And finally, I used quick dry top coat to finish it off

Tel me what you think!

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