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Drag Plumerias

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

I love how these turned out! I was trying out my new Twinkled T Glmaour Mat and this is how my decals looked. They remind me a lot of the Hawaiian flower, Plumerias.

For this design, I used Twinkled T Glamour Mat, a small nail art brush, a medium dotting tool, a large dotting tool and the following polish:

Yellow: Color Club “Psychadellic Scene”

Green: Color Club “Under the Blacklight”

Blue: Color Club “Evolution”

And of course my current favorite guick dry top coat by Seche Vite.

Firstly, I used the decal technique to create this design. I took Color Club “Under the Blacklight” and painted a square on my Twinkled T Glamour Mat. I painted one thin layer and before it could dry, I used the large dotting tool and Color Club “Psychadellic Scene” to makes blobs writhing the green. Next. Do repeated this step with the medium dotting tool and Color Club “Evolution.” Before any of the layers could dry, I took the small nail art brush and dragged the polish from the outside of the circle to the center. I repeated this 3 or 4 more tunes depending on the size of the circles. I let the decal sit to dry for about 20 minutes. You want to be careful not the leave it too long because the polish will become brittle the longer it sits. You want the polish to still be a little flexible so you can shape it on to your nails. Once they are dry, I used an orange stick to peel them up one by one. I did a base late of Color Club “Under the Blacklight” to give the base color more opacity and to allow the decal to stick onto my nail. Using the same orange stick, I pushed the decal down lightly to make it fit the curve of my nail. I used the orange stick to push/cut the edges that are not on my nail off. I used acetone to stick the edges down to the nail kind of melting the polish together. Finally, I applied a layer of quick dry top coat to top it off.

Tell me what you think!

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