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My nails are looking sunny and bright. These nails are so pretty. Yellow is such a popular color lately because it symbolizes happiness.

For this design, I used a latex free makeup sponge and the following polish:

Yellow: Color Club “Psychedillic Scene”

White: Sally Hansen “White On”

And of course my current favorite quick dry top coat by Seche Vite.

This design is very simple and anyone can do. I started with a quick layer of Saly Hansen “White On”. I only used one layer since the opacity did not matter because I was going to cover it up. I took the makeup sponge and put both Color Club “Psychadellic Scene” and Sally Hansen “White On” on the sponge. I painted a few spots around the sponge. I dabbed the nail polish on the nail in thin layers. A number of thin layers to get the necessary opacity. I tried not to overlap the different colors too much to give the layered effect. Finally a quick dry top coat to seal it in.

Tell me what you think!

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