Unicorn Powder!

Hey guys! I have been playing around with gel polish and different powders lately. Powders are really fun because they can change the entire affect of the polish. You can go from a boring pink and bring it to a shinny, new, color shifting pink. Since these different powders have been a big trend lately, I wanted to get my hands on it and show everyone what I think of it!

For this design, I used a gel lamp, a nail clean up brush bandaids with a square edge, and the following polish:

Elite99 Gell Top and Base coat

Pink: Elite99 #1408 "Rose Shadow"

White: Elite99 #1323 "French White"

Pretty Diva Iridescent Nail Powder

When using gel, it is important to prep your nails. Make sure they are completely clean with no oils or the gel polish will not apply evenly. No need to buff out your nails, which is a common thought when using gel polish. Once, you've prepped your nails, apply one quick coat of gel base coat and cure for 90 seconds. It is very important to clean up your nails before you cure them. Any excess polish, whether it be in your cuticles or on the side of your finger, will harden when cured and you will not be able to take it off. Once the base coat is cured, I applied 2 layers of white polish and cured for 90 seconds between each layer (don't forget cleanup too!). I used the bandaids to make clean lines and painted a layer of pink polish. I only cured this layer for 45 seconds because when using the powders, you want your polish to be a little tacky so it can stick better. I used a eyeshadow brush and a very little amount of powder. When applying, it is important to now press hard. Light rubbing on the nail will make the powder apply smoother and more evenly. Next I applied a layer of top coat and placed the gems on the nail before curing so it con stick better. Once, cured I used an alcohol wipe to remove any excess polish with a sticky residue.

Tell me what you think!

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