Pink marble!

I am obsessed with how these turned out! It wasn’t the design I had in mind when I started but mid way through doing them my vision changed and here we are! I think these would be perfect for any event. This design is very easy but since gel polish is involved it does take a little more time.

For this design, I used a small nail art brush, a gel lamp, and the following polish: Gold: Color Club “24 Below” Metallic Pink: Color Club “Triple Lutz” White: Elite 99 Gelpolish #1323 As well as Gel base and top coat from Elite 99.

First, I painted a gel base coat and cured for 90 seconds. Next, I painted a coat of white gel polish and cured. (Since each layer needs to be cured, it is VERY important to clean well after end every layer before curing.) This polish could use one coat but I like to use two coats as a standard mainly for thickness. Once these layers are set, I took the Color Club “24 below” and used the dry brush technique to get very little polish on the nail. I repeated this step with Color Club “.” I took the small nail art brush and some acetone and dropped a small amount on the nail over the polish. I used the acetone to make stroke marks. This technique is why I had to use gel polish. Any other polish would come off with the acetone while gel polish will not. Once I was satisfied with how the polish looks, I took the gel white polish and small nail art brush to paint the outline of the nail and cured for 90 seconds. Finally, I painted a layer of gel top coat and cured for 90 seconds to seal the design in.

Tell me what you think!

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