Last day of 2017! Who is excited for a new year? This year has been a crazy one for my nail art hobby. I started this blog and my Facebook page, gained over 100 followers on my instagram and grown as an artist. I’ve managed to make my art cleaner and get better at freehanding. I’m so excited to continue growing my accounts and skills in the next year! So here is to my last post of the years!

For my last nail post of 2017, I used a make up sponge and the following polish

Glitter: Sally Hansen “Bold Gold”

And of course my current favorite top coat by Seche Vite.

Anyone who reads my post knows I’m all about easy but fun designs. So, I decided my last post should embody that. I did a simple glitter gradient with this perfect New Year’s Eve polish. I love the different sizes and shapes of this glitter polish. I took the Sally Hansen “Bold Gold” and painted it on the makeup sponge. I did this so that the sponge will absorb some of the excess clear polish, leaving only the necessary amount on my nails. I dabbed it on in thin coats, doing about 3 per nail. Finally a layer of quick dry top coat to smooth out the glitter.

Oh, I forgot to mention. How are you guys liking the new nail shape?!

Tell me what you think!

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