Spooky Ghost!

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Tomorrow’s Halloween! Who is excited? I know I am. I chose this ghost design because it is fun and cute. Not all Halloween designs should be scary!

For this design, I used a latex free makeup sponge, a small nail art brush, black acrylic paint, and the following polish:

Blue: China Glaze “Fancy Pants”

Purple: China Glaze “Plur-ple”

White: Sally Hansen “White on”

and, of course, my current favorite quick dry top coat by Seche Vite.

First, I painted a base color with the Sally Hansen “White on” so the gradient will pop more. Next I did a circular gradient using the makeup sponge and China Glaze “Fancy Pants” & China Glaze “Plur-ple.” I painted a small circle with “Plur-ple” and lined it with “Fancy Pants.” I dabbed thin coats on each nail until the opacity was right. I believe I did about 4-5 coats per nail. Next, I took the small nail art brush and drew the ghost. I did a rain drop shape then added the arms. I used black acrylic paint for the eyes and mouths. Finally, a layer of quick dry top coat to top it off.

Tell me what you think!


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