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Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Fun mummy design! I thought about how to approach this for a while and I’m super pro as at how it turned out! I’m loving doing all these Halloween designs, I just have to get them all in before Halloween is gone!

For this design, I used a plastic baggie and the following polish:

Matte: Essie “Matte About You”

White: L’Oréal “Satin Sheets”

Nude: Mica “Cappuccino”

Red: Urban Outfitter “Broke”

First, I mixed the L’Oréal “Satin Sheets” and Mica “Cappuccino” to make the bandage color. I painted it on the plastic baggie and let it sit to dry. I let it sit close to and hour just to make sure it was completely dry and I could easily cut and apply on my nails. Once it was dry, I cut up strips for bandages. I placed them on my nail using a little bit of acetone to make it stick and to clean up the excess as well. Once all the bandages were on I made the eyes with Urban Outfitters “Broke.” Lastly, I skipped the quick dry top coat (shocking I know right) and used the Essie “Matte About You” over all my nails. This in combination with the layers of the polish gave it a more textured look and more realistic.

Tell me what you think!


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