Candy Corn!

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Do you like candy corn? This seasonal candy has sparked some heated debates on whether it is the worst candy ever, or the greatest thing in the world. I personally think one piece of candy corn can suffice for the entire year! But, it is such a great and easy nail design if you are looking for simple Halloween nails.

For this design, I used the following polish:

White: Sally Hansen "White Out"

Yellow: Sinful Colors "Let's Meet"

Orange: OPI "Is Mai Tie Crooked"

and, of course, my current favorite quick dry top coat by Seche Vite.

I tried doing the "no tools" technique with this. Most people viewing nail posts are not going to have the tools available to do the designs posted. I always like doing simple ones that anyone can do. For this, I painted the OPI "Is Mai Tie Crooked" as the base color so it didn't get too thick when adding the other layers. Next a painted the Sinful Colors "Let's Meet" side ways to try to make a clean line. I had to add a few layers of this to be opaque enough. Next I repeated this step with Sally Hansen "White Out" on the tip of the nail. I allowed the layers to dry a bit before adding the top coat. (tip: anytime you do horizontal stripes, initially put the top coat on side ways so the stripes don't smear together. Lightly paint side ways then paint the top coat like normal and wrap the tip.)

Tell me what you think!


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