Glitter Dry Brush

Glitter top coat can always transform a polish or design. I love the way the glitter looks over the dry brush. It blends everything together and shimmers so nicely.

For this design I used the following polishes:

White: Sally Hansen "White On"

Pink: Forever 21 "Dusty Pink"

Glitter: Revlon "Pink Glaze"

Orange: OPI "Is Mai Tai Crooked"

Yellow: Color Club "Psychedelic Scene"

and, of course, my current favorite quick dry top coat by Seche Vite.

First I painted all my nails with the Forever 21 "Dusty Pink." Next for the two accent nails, I took the Color Club "Psychedelic Scene" brush an got off as much polish as I could, essentially until the brush looks dry. I took the brush and softly painted it on the my nail in an alternating direction. I repeated this step with Sally Hansen "White On" and then again with OPI "Is Mai Tai Crooked." Next I added the Revlon "Pink Glaze" glitter top coat to all nail. And finally, quick dry top coat to seal everything in.

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