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Splatter Paint

Controlled Chaos. Splatter paint always looks so calculated when really its all a matter of chance. I love these nails because you can wear them for anything. Change up the base color or the splattered colors and this design can have a whole different feeling.

For this design, I used two straw and the following polishes:

Gold: Color Club "24° Below"

Navy: Color Club " Made in the USA"

White: Sally Hansen "White On"

and, of course, my current favorite quick dry top coat by Seche Vite.

First, you start with the base color. I used 2 coats of Sally Hansen "White On" and a quick dry top coat. Now time for the splatters. (Warning: this design makes a huge mess!) I dipped the end of straw into the Color Club " Made in the USA". I made sure to only get a little on the end of the straw but also making sure the bottom hole is completely covered with polish. I took the straw with the polish on it a blew on the other end lightly. Make sure the straw is not directly over the nail or you will end up with a blob of polish (peep the pinky). Then, you repeat with the next color using a different straw. Let it sit for a bit before adding a top coat because the large amount of polish can smear. Once it is dry enough, I added a final quick dry top coat to seal everything in.

Tell me what you think!

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