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While staring at my mug at work (instead of doing actually work) I got the inspiration for this design. I little abstract design over a gradient is this pop that you need on you nails.

For this design, I used a latex-free makeup wedge, a small nail art brush, a medium dotting tool and the following polishes:

Green: Color Club "Till the Records"

Gray: OPI "Haven't the Foggiest"

Blue: Color Club "Route 66"

and of course, my current quick dry top coat by Seche Vite.

First, what I did was the gradient. I painted a base coat of Color Club "Till the Records." Once that is dry enough (still tacky) I used the makeup wedge to start the gradient. I painted the diagonal, reciprocal pattern, green-blue-green, onto the wedge and dabbed it on my nail. (Remember many thin coats will work better than few thick coats!) After a few coats, a quick dry top coat to seal it in. Next, I used the small nail art brush and OPI "Haven't the Foggiest" to paint the wavy lines. Once the lines are done, I used the dotting tool to make the hash marks. I let these sit for a little bit (probably should have let them sit longer) because the OPI "Haven't the Foggiest" is a shimmery based polish and can be kinda streaky when you add the top coat. After sitting, one last quick dry top coat to seal it in.

Tell me what you think!

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