Pink Triangles

As you can probably tell, I love simple designs. they are quick and always look good. Here is something fun for the end of summer with a design that is simple but definitely pops on your nails.

For this design, I used a small nail art brush and the following polish:

Pink: Color Club "Modern Pink"

White: Sally Hansen "White Out"

and of course my current favorite quick dry top coat by Seche Vite.

First, I painted the base color with Color Club "Modern Pink". This design is really simple. The only difficult part is trying to make the triangles even; evenly sized, evenly spaced, or just even in general. I used the small nail art brush to draw the triangles and fill them in. The outline of any freehand is very important because it determines the size and shape of whatever you are drawing. Once I finished with the triangles I used a quick dry top coat to seal everything in. TIP: if you wanted to make the triangles with a little harder line, you can always use striping tap. just section off where you waned to triangle and fill it in. Don't forget to remove the striping tape quickly so it doesn't dry!

Tell me what you think!

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