The Little Mermaid

"But daddy I love him!" I always loved Ariel growing up. Disney will always be one of those things that you will never get too old for. You could wear this manicure for your trip to Disney, a theme party, or just because you love Disney. And these fun Ariel inspired nail are just in time for the weekend!

For this design, I used a small nail art brush, white acrylic paint, and the following polishes:

Purple: China Glaze "Plur-ple"

Lavender: Mica "I Got It Babe"

Teal Glitter: Mica "Hunter Green Glitter"

Teal: Color Club "Age of Aquarius"

And, of course, my current favorite top coat by Seche Vite

First, for the scaled nails, I painted a base color of Color Club "Age of Aquarius" to give more depth to the glitter polish. I used two coats of Mica "Hunter Green Glitter" on top of that followed by top coat. I applied the top coat here to allow the white acrylic paint to apply smoothly. Only the top coat is dry, I used the small nail art brush and the white acrylic paint to freehand the scales on my nails. (TIP: if you use acrylic paint on top of a top coat, you can use a toothpick to scrap away any mistakes you make) Once I finished all the scales on the nails, I applied one final top coat to seal everything in.

Next, for the shell bra nail, I first used the Mica "I Got It Babe" to apply the heart shape on the tip. I gave that a few moments to dry before adding the detail. Using China Glaze "Plur-ple" and the small nail art brush, I made 3 tear drop shaped on each side of the shell bra. Lastly, a quick dry top coat to seat everything in.

Tell me what you think!

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