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Pastel Rainbow

Something fun a colorful is always a good idea. Just looking at these nails can lighten up your mood. Even thought this collection came out a while ago, I'm still loving the Poptastic Pastel Neons from Color Club and am going to buy more soon enough! The fact that these polishes are both pastel and neon at the same time is absolutely amazing.

For this design, I used a plastic page, scissors, an orange stick, and the following polishes:

Coral: Color Club “Hot-Hot-Hot Pants”

Yellow: Color Club “Disco’s Not Dead”

Green: Color Club “Under the Blacklight”

Blue: Color Club “Meet Me at the Rink”

Purple: Color Club “Diggin’ the Dancing Queen”

As well as my current favorite quick dry top coat from Seche Vite.

First, I painted the single color nails Color Club “Hot-Hot-Hot Pants”, “Disco’s Not Dead”, and “Diggin’ the Dancing Queen” respectively. These polishes are not as opaque so two to three coats, depending on how thick your coats are, would be needed. I personally don't use a white base underneath because I use two coats of the color. You could definitely use a white base coat to make the colors pop a little bit more, but the polish is streaky in one coats so two would still be needed. For the rainbow nail, I attempted the "decal" technique to make it easier to apply all five different polishes. So, with that technique, I took the plastic bag and painted a strip of each color separately and allowed them to dry. Once they were each dry, I cut them into even strips. I applied a clear coat (not top coat; PS. clear coat is A LOT thinner than a top coat. If you did use a top coat, your polish would look a lot thicker than it needs to be). While the clear coat was still wet I put each color down and pressed the polish around the cuticle. TIP: if you use a clean up brush and a little bit of acetone around the edges, the decals will break easier to get rid of any unwanted polish that is on you fingers or cuticles! Once the excess is removed, I sealed all my nails in with a quick dry top coat!

Tell me what you think!

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