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Metallic French Tip

This design is the classic french tip with a little bit of a twist. Best part is that it is easy, requires no tools and you can customize with choosing two colors instead of one. You can change this design up by picking different polishes and making it the perfect manicure for whatever occasion.

For this design, I used the following polishes:

Metallic Blue: Color Club “Polar Vortex”

Opalescent Green: Color Club “Sugar Rays”

Nude: OPI “Act Your Beige”

as well as my current favorite quick dry top coat Seche Vite.

This design is so simple almost anyone can do it. First i applied a thin base layer using the OPI “Act Your Beige." This gives the nails a smoother look to the part without color and will have a better shine that will kind of match the tip. Next, i took the Color Club “Sugar Rays” and did a single brush stroke diagonally on my nail. Depending on the polish, you could do one to two coats of this first color to get the opacity you were looking for. I allowed that layer to sit for a few minutes before coming back for the next step. Next, I took the Color Club “Polar Vortex” and did the same thing as before but in the opposite direction. You want to make sure that you apply the polish all the way to the end of the nail to make sure you have full coverage. With these two polishes, I decided to give it about five minutes before applying the top coat. Both of them have a shimmer that can run when applying the top coat and I wanted to make sure they distinct lines remained intact. I applied the quick dry top coat to seal everything in.

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